I think just about everyone has said at some point “I should write a book.” If that’s the case I’m just another Joe wanting to do the same, but in 2018 I plan on doing just that. Writing a book can be broken down into fairly easy steps, but so can running a marathon and not too many people do that either!

This is where I’ll track my goal of getting a 200-300 page book pumped out revolving around the science fiction genre. I won’t be sharing the idea until I actually finish the book, but I think it’s more about the process of learning and making mistakes than the idea anyways.

Writing a book

When doing a quick bit of research online I discovered a typical novel has 250-300 words per page. So if I want to write a 250 page book (about the average of science fiction books I read), I would need to write roughly 68,750 words (250 pages x 275 words per page). For the sake of making this goal a bit cleaner I’m going to say that I’d like to write 70,000 words for this goal.

Now just looking at a sheet of paper and saying “write 70,000 words” can seem a bit daunting, so I’m going to break it up into pieces, which will them allow me to fill in blanks as I go along. Much like climbing a mountain you don’t simply just walk up and start climbing, you plan each area and section of the climb well beforehand then execute each of those sections of the plan as they come.

From what I’ve researched one of the best ways I found to break down a book writing process involves developing the concepts in order below:

The basic premise
Skeleton of events / timetable
Character basics
Plot Development
Character Development
Location Development
Draft One
Draft Two
Draft Three

My biggest influence in this genre is Michael Crichton and the writers behind the Black Mirror series that gained popularity on nextflix. This genre encorporates science fiction within a relatively recent time period and integrated into lives most people can connect with. I’m not too interested in creating distant civilizations or concepts that are hundreds of years in the future, rather how technology and science can impact society within my lifetime.

Articles / Resources I like
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