Under 30 CEO

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I just so happened to stumble on a site today that, being a twenty something I really enjoyed. The site is called Under 30 CEO and it provides insights from success entrepreneurs who are… well… under 30. For someone like myself I find it refreshing to read about others success, and at the same time, start to even feel old compared to some of these self made business owners!

Two interviews that stuck out for me were:

An interview with Alex Hodara who built a real estate brokerage and property management company in the Boston area focusing especially on student housing, all while he was still a student himself.

An interview with Evan Bailyn who’s created 5 companies before the age of 30, through using his knowledge of SEO and bridging service providers and market demand.

This is probably one of my favorite sites for motivation because of the interviews and the fresh ideas that are brought to the table. It also shows that anyone, at any age, can become successful with enough passion and determination.