This page is where I track my own Scuba Diving, give myself inspiration by finding others who are underwater videographers doing great work, and share some of my favorite clips of underwater videography.

My Diving Adventures

Divemaster Training in South Africa
Southwest Rocks Australia
Great Barrier Reef
Honolulu – Sea Tiger
Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

Shark Diving Checklist

These are the sharks I’ve had an opportunity to dive with thus far.

✓ Grey Nurse Shark
✓ Port Jackson Shark
✓ Nurse Shark
✓ Wobbegong Shark
✓ Epaulette Shark

Dream Diving Locations

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Isla Mujeres Whale Sharks
South Africa Great Whites
Sevengill sharks west coast
Hammerheads in Baja
Basking Sharks in Hebrides Scotland
Tiger Beach Bahamas – Lemon, Bull, Tigers.
San Diego, USA – Mako Sharks, Sevengill Sharks
Beqa Lagoon
Cocos Island – Seamount Bajo Alcyone, Costa Rica – Silky, Reef Sharks
Blue Corner – Palau
Tonga – Humpback Whale Diving
Malapascua Island, Philippines – Threasher Sharks
Morehead City, North Carolina – Grey Nurse Sharks
Jupiter Island, Florida – Lemon Shark Migration
Sardine Run – South Africa
Marsa Alam, Egypt – Oceanic White Tips
Azores – Mako and Blue Shark
Rhode Island, USA – Blue Sharks
Isle of Guadalupe – Great Whites
Vancouver, Canada – Seal Diving

Make a map of shark diving spots.

Shark Diving Information

Cool Clips of Scuba Diving / Underwater

Mako Shark Speed
Vimeo HD Video Group

Underwater Photographers Who Inspire Me

Jon Slayer
Eric Cheng
Ellen Cuylaerts
Brian Skerry

Shark Conservation

I’d like to make a positive impact on shark conservation to protect the species. Why sharks? Honestly, it’s just a species I’ve been attracted to for as long as I can remember. I’m drawn to them and have a desire to protect them so they’re still around for generations.

Shark Videography

THE EDGE from Steer Films on Vimeo.

Black Swan from Built By Wildman on Vimeo.