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Learning programming is something that’s always been in the back of my head. I’ve heard programmers referred to as wizards and people who can help humanity in great ways, and I believe it. I would like to learn programming to develop a deeper understanding of the world, while also being able to create products that positively impact the lives of others. I wrote a full article about why learn programming is so important.


Why Python?
I’m interested in artificial intelligence and it’s one of the most recommended in terms of ease of learning for beginners and functional to my outcome goals.

Code Academy

Quora post on best places to learn python


Free Code Camp
Learn Javascript in one week

Javascript things I’d like to learn:
-Upward number counter – like this one, but styled better
-Second upward number counter idea which is downloadable found here



Favorite beginner resources:

Python Mentorships
mentorship website

Useful article on becoming a full stack developer

General Computer Science Resources
MIT Video Lecture Series

Useful Websites

Resume Websites I like: