A Dream is just a Dream until it has a plan. This is where I create and track my plans to realize my dreams.

There are several areas of this site which area broken into the following categories:

Life GoalsGoals – Tracking my yearly goals and updating often. I do this on an annual basis along with preparing 5 year, 10 year and lifetime goals.
Learn ProgrammingProgramming – Currently starting from scratch teaching myself python and javascript. I already know html and a bit of css, which helps me setup websites, but looking to learn a new skillset for building useful applications.
Mars AtmosphereWriting a Science Fiction Book – This has always been a goals of mine and 2018 I plan on writing a science fiction book for the first time.
Learn DrummingDrumming – This is a hobby of mine that I plan on being more active with including posting videos and tracking my progress.
Financial FreedomFinancial Freedom / Personal Finance – This topic has been the focus of my twenties and now allows me the freedom to do cool things, which I track on this website. I love showing people how they can live their dreams by being smarter with money and choices.
Personal Development – This is where I share what I learn and post useful videos and articles I’ve found throughout the web.
Downtown BostonTravels – A journal of where I’ve been so when I’m old I remember what the heck I’ve done!
Photography – The world is beautiful and sometimes I take a few snaps of it along the way.
Shark DivingScuba Diving / Sharks – A long standing dream of mine has been to be a shark diver / photographer. This is where I track that dream.