Learning From Rejection – What I Learned From 100 Days of Rejection – TED Talk by Jia Jiang

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Notes from the TEDX Talk done by Mount Hood.

At age 6 he experienced rejection in the classroom. At age 14 he wanted to achieve the biggest company in the world.

Every time he wanted to try something new he felt like there was a battle between the person who wanted to conquer the world, while the other side of him was the fear of rejection.

He started his own company when he was 30. He then tried to overcome his fear or rejection after researching what to do. He created a site rejectiontherapy.com and the idea is for 30 days straight you look for rejection. This is his site Rejection Therapy. The site turned into 100 days of rejections, which his videotaped as an expiriment, in which he learned a ton.

His first rejection is below and the rest are on his youtube channcel.

This sound like a fun idea to get rejected.

What he learned:

  • If I get rejected, to turn a no to a yes, simply ask the question why? You also learn the real reason, not your negative self feedback.
  • If you mention the doubt the other person is having, you can relate to the doubt. People were more likely to be agreeable if you point out the weirdness of the situation.
  • He learned that he could get almost anything through asking. He asked his way to teaching at a college.
  • People who really change the world are often met with extreme rejection, but they did not let it define them.
  • Embrace rejection, don’t run away from it.