How to Become Unstoppable – Tony Robbins Talk

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Some Quick Notes From a Great Tony Robbins Video I Watched Earlier Today:

How Can I Add More Value? Our Job in Business is to Win through creating value.

Marketing connects with people’s identity. Coke may not taste as good in studies, but people still choose it.

How do we become resourceful. Instead of just throwing money at something be creative.

Vimeo vs Youtube. 1 share button vs 9 share buttons was the only difference. Ask for something you want!

Be actively engaged in what you’re doing.

Only 13% of employees are actively engaged in the work they do. Connected to the mission and actively trying to fulfill this mission. In the US this is higher (29%), but still very low, which means most people are just treading water. The energy is low at places because there is no mission. So few companies have mission connection to their employees. 24% of employees are actively disengaged and are likely to attack the company because they don’t care so much.

1, 1, 1, plan referenced for Salesforce.

Great companies have a competitive advantage when their employees are actively engaged.

A sense of meaning and accomplishment along with appreciation makes them 2x more likely to stay.

Focus on how much you can give, not the score. Just give every ounce of yourself in each moment.