This is where I track my fitness goals and run experiments with exercise and what I eat. In 2016 I had let myself go and it hit me that I needed to make a change. I started by going back to the gym since I always enjoyed lifting weights in high school and some in college. This has become a habit and in the summer of 2017 I did a spartan race and completed a full tough mudder as well. Something that would’ve been impossible in 2016.

I’m looking to find the healthiest, long term, sustainable diet and exercise program that gives me my ideal physique and helps me reach markers for healthy living. Achieving a healthy lifestyle is important to me because it gives me a higher probability of leading a longer life and therefore more time to work on my life’s mission to explore, experience and positively impact the world in which I live.

Being in prime physical shape also helps keep you smarter and even raise and maintain your IQ. For men at least, it helps you increase your testosterone levels, which increases your desire to get stuff done along with a plethora of other benefits. If you have a low testosterone level you will be less likely to go conquer the world, it’s as simple at that.

10/28/17 Update
So one of the best ways to achieve your lifelong goals is to clean up your diet, and start strength training. In that past when I was constantly questioning myself and not reaching for my goals the key link was that I was eating terribly and not exercising. One I started getting back on track with strength training 3-5 times a week, going for walks regularly and eating clean.

If you’re not feeling motivated to work on your goals, the first step would be to focus on your health, it’s that simple.

2018 Fitness Goals

8-9% Bodyfat – Bodyweight of 190.
Bench 350 lbs
One handed handstand – 14 week plan –
Learn how to do a backflip
Do Spartan Sprint in under 50 minutes. – I did terrible at this in 2016 with 1 hour 15 minute time.
Calasthetics Routine – 10 muscle ups.
Enter into first IFBB physique competition.
Get published in a fitness magazine or online.

Where I was to Where I am Now

I’m starting to track my progress more online starting in October of 2017 as I get more serious about my fitness goals and layout this website. This is my current status. I used to wear size 38 jeans, which now are clearly a bit big on me. I’ll be posting more progres photos on here as I attempt to get an aesthetic physique and reach other fitness related goals.

Beginning of 2017
Weight – 230
Bodyfat – 30%+
Waist – 38″

October 2017
Weight – 204
Bodyfat – 22%
Waist – 34″

November 2017
Weight – 196
Bodyfat – 19%
Waist – 34″

21 Day Calorie Myth Experiment

I’m currently in the process of giving the popular book the 21 calorie myth a try while I have a window in my schedule to easily follow this for three weeks.

This diet is basically:

  • Eat way more non starchy vegetables, 10 servings a day, can eat raw. cook them in a healthy way. kale, box choy, artichoke hearts. this should be half what you eat.
  • nutrient dense protein – majority of calories from protein – minimal toxins – seafood of any form, humanely raised animals (grass fed beef). Vegetarian options – Amino acid suppliment, hemp supplament or peat suppliments.
  • whole food fats – eggs, nuts and seeds. chia seeds, flax seeds, olives, avacados, almonds.
  • lower fructose fruits – berries and citrus fruits. blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, oranges, lemons, limes.

This diet removes most types of carbs, also no dairy or sugars at all. I’m coupling this with intermittent fasting, where I eat between noon and 8pm each day. It also follows a couple general rules which include:

  • Eat foods high in water, fiber and protein.
  • Don’t eat foods that are dry, lower in fiber, low in protein.

Here’s a useful video from the author of the 21 day calorie myth.

My Typical Diet

I mention diet first in this post because it’s 80-90% most imporant in how you look and feel, depending who you ask. Many have concluded that diet is medicene and one of the most important choices you’ll make in your life.

What I eat is mostly plant based with some meat. Don’t eat red meat, refined sugars, only drink coffee and water, once in a great while alcohol, usually gin & seltzer w/ lime or red wine.

Calorie Myth Book

What I’ve learned is that what you are eating is much more important than how much you are eating.
That’s what all the popular diets such as paleo, meditteranean, vegetarisim all have in common, they don’t do calorie counting, which is in many ways setting yourself up for failure because it’s tedious and doesn’t focus on the types of foods that you need.

Also interesting is that sugar is more addicting in mice than cocaine. Sugars, starches and trans fat are not necessarily for human diet, but play a huge role in most of the processed foods that are found at most grocery stores.

“Each year the US population spends more money on diets than the amount needed to feed all the hungry people in the rest of the world.”
-Yuval Noah Narari via his book Sapians

Intermittent Fasting

Many have had success with intermittent fasting so I’m currently experimenting with this. It’s also easier for me to keep self control as I tend to eat quickly and overeat once I start, therefore limiting when I eat helps me eat less and since I’m busy with a bunch of different projects, I like to simply set and forget my eating rather than eating 6-7 small meals a day, which seems like a huge pain in the butt. Essentially I eat two larger meals, one around noon, the other around 5-6pm with some snacks in between. I’m attempting to see if this works while tracking. For convenience I love intermittent fasting.

I also like this video as well regarding intermittent fasting.


Usually I focus on weight lifting five days a week along with some kind of light cardio such as walking or a bit of HIIT, typically five days a week as well. Honestly I just prefer lifting and either walking, hiking, scuba diving or biking. I don’t enjoy running or HIIT workouts since I seem to always focus on how much they suck.

I notice that even if I don’t move much for a day or two it really makes me start to feel like crap so I try to get at least a walk in everyday to get the blood flowing and get some fresh air outside.

This is a rough outline of my 5 day lifting cycle.

5 Day Weight Lifting Plan

I think a lot of people think they’ll get too big or that weight lifting will cause serious injury, but there are a ton of benefits to it. I was surprised to learn that muscle mass in older people may play a more important role than BMI. Strength training is something I enjoy and feel worse if I don’t do regularly.