Win the Day

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For me winning the day currently entails (these are in order of importance) -Not eating any refined sugars or processed food. -Doing physical activity of some sort, lifting, HIIT, scuba diving or even 30 minute walk. -Reading for at least … Continued

Shark Conservation

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What is the best way to contribute to shark conservation? With your time. With your money. -Does saving whole reef ecosystems do the most? -Does giving to non-profits work the most? -Spending money on marketing for awareness, especially for anti-finning … Continued

What Really Matters in Life?

posted in: Uncategorized | 0 Maps of Meaning Happiness is not what the focus should be on: The greatest thinkers of our time were focused on their visions. Much like some of the most successful people in our time, billionaires. All shared that … Continued