Layover in Zurich

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When choosing flights to South Africa I saw an option for an extended layover to Zuirch, Switzerland and decided it would be a worthwhile stop to explore the city in a country I had no plans otherwise to visit in … Continued

Extended Travel Checklist

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Table of Contents1 Communications2 Subscriptions, Bills & Banking3 Vehicles4 Your Home Base5 Packing Your Bags5.1 Technology5.2 Clothing5.3 Accessories6 Other Useful Packing Lists Being gone for several months requires you to be pretty organized before you go. This is a checklist … Continued

Rise of the Robots – Book Notes

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I’ve read several books lately that have touched on the ideas of future technologies such as artificial intelligence and robots. Some of the other books included Bold, Life 3.0 and ______. Martin Ford Author This book touches on many of … Continued

Win the Day

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For me winning the day currently entails (these are in order of importance) -Not eating any refined sugars or processed food. -Doing physical activity of some sort, lifting, HIIT, scuba diving or even 30 minute walk. -Reading for at least … Continued

Machine Learning

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I’m starting by taking the popular Coursera course offered online for free by Standford Professor Andrew Ng Total time needed per the course information posted online is 30 hours over 11 weeks, or roughly 3 hours per week. October 30th … Continued