Have you ever had a dream, something that people tell you is stupid, or not practical? I know I did.

For me that was a lot of different dreams all rolled into one. They included being a real estate tycoon, who spent half the year in faraway lands, while getting to dive with sharks, meet interesting people and eventually donate all the money I’d made along the way to causes that I felt impacted the world in amazing ways. Essentially I envied the most interesting man in the world. I knew it wasn’t exactly practical, but I steadily worked towards securing my finances and thus my opportunity to take risks and reach out towards my other goals.

This motivated me enough to discover the power of financial freedom, goal setting, minimalism, healthy habits, and buddhist philosophy. Within six short years at the ripe old age of 30 I achieved financial freedom and am currently pursuing my life’s goals without constraints of living paycheck to paycheck. One could say that I’m just warming up and starting to live my true life.

This site is where I set new limits for myself and track my journey, I hope you’ll you too will choose to gain your freedom and follow your dreams.

Ryan Schmitz