Life Goals

2017 Goals
2018 Goals
2019 Goals
2020 Goals

Go to Mars
Live to at least 150
Have Children
Build a building at least 20 floors high
Have a net worth in excess of $1 bil.
Become a published author
Create a Company with $10,000,000 / year net profit.
Run a marathon
Complete and Ironman Triathalon
Buy a same day plane ticket to a foreign country
Learn to fly a plane
Be listed on a patent
Get six pack abs – 10% or less bodyfat.
Be fluent in another language – Spanish
Live in the wilderness for a month (Pacific Crest or Smokey Mountain Trail)
Learn to do a standing backflip
Learn how to tango
Build My Own House

Skills & Education

Achieve My Bachelor Degree – St. Norbert College 2008
Gain my Real Estate Salesperson License – 2007 Achieved in Wisconsin
Achieve the CCIM Real Estate Designation
Take yoga class
Program a computer game
Create 12 works of Photoshop manipulation
Learn to ride a motorcycle (and purchase one)
Learn to Pickpocket
Learn to Snowboard
Learn to Wakeboard
Take a cooking class in Thailand to make perfect Yellow Thai Curry
Learn to Drive Stick Shift
Read the Classics
Read the top 10 most widely accepted religious books.
Read 1000 books in my life

See a full list of posts about photography and goals on the photography page.
Some of my current goals include Learning to light paint, learning to photograph a starry night, get published (accomplished – Milwaukee Magazine Photo of Condo Building), Capture Underwater Photos.

Scuba Diving
See the full list of Scuba Diving related goals and accomplishments here. This is categorized as a skill, but often coincides with travel goals. Some of the items at the top of the list are:
Cage dive with Great Whites, Explore Cenotes in Florida, Dive with Sea Lions in Canada.


Go Ziplining
Sleep in Ice Hotel
Pet a Tiger
Ride an Elephant
Catch a Musky at least 36 inches long
Dog Sled
Attend a TED Conference
Go Skinny Dipping
Drive a Supercar
Watch a SpaceX Rocket Launch
Lay Down in Public
Be Part of a Flash Mob
Sing Karaoke


Accomplish an Ironman
Accomplish a Marathan
One Handed Head Stand
Finish an Tough Mudder – Done 9/9/17
Finish a Spartan Race – Sprint Done 6/24/17
Bike Across Iowa in Ragbrai
50 pull ups in a row
200 push ups
Bench 375

Travel Goals

Stand on all 7 Continents
North America – I live here, easy.
South America
Australia – 2007 Study Abroad to Australia and New Zealand
Europe – 2014 – Visited Denmark and Italy

Route 66
Lake Michigan Circle Tour
Scotland NC500 – Official Site
Miami to Key West – Overseas Highway
Pacific Coast Highway California
Blue Ridge Parkway – Done Spring 2016 when visiting Great Smoky Mountains
Black River Scenic Byway – Upper Michigan
Great River Road – Minnesota / Wisconsin Border of Mississippi

Specific Experiences
Follow American Battles from Normandy to Berlin from WWII
Go Dogsledding
See Salmon Run in Alaska
Ride a Camel in Egypt
Drive a Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche Supercar
Drive an Indycar

National Parks
The goal would be to visit all the National Parks, but just having the ability to view any has been an amazing experience thus far. See my visits to the National Parks Here

See Man Made Wonders
See the Hoover Dam (United States – Nevada/Arizona)
See the Statue of Liberty (United States – New York)
See the Head Statues on Easter Island (Chile – Easter Island)
See Machu Picchu (Peru – Machu Picchu)
See the Sydney Opera House (Australia – Sydney)
See the Acropolis (Greece – Athens)
See the Mona Lisa (France – Paris)
See the Eiffel Tower (France – Paris)
See the Colosseum (Italy – Rome)
See Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany – Schwangau)
Walk on the Great Wall of China (China)
See the Forbidden City (China – Beijing)
See the Taj Mahal (India – Agra)
See the Pyramids of Giza (Egypt – Cairo)
See Catacombs in Paris underground

See the World’s Most Amazing Natural Things
See the Aurora Borealis (United States – Alaska)
See the Grand Canyon (United States – Arizona)
See the Redwood Forest (United States – California)
See the Niagara Falls (United States – New York)
See the Iguazu Falls (Argentina)
See the Alps (France, Italy, Switzerland or Germany)
See Mount Everest (Nepal)

Financial / Professional

Purchase my first house – 2012 – age 25
Purchase first investment property – 2013 – age 26
Purchase first business – 2013 age 26 – photo booth rental business
Save one year’s salary for retirement bye age 30
Complete a house flip or fix up and rent
Create a website with over 500,000 pageviews a month
Create a product business with sales over $1 mil a year
Create a business with net profit of over $10,000,000 a year.
Amass a property portfolio worth in excess of $1 billion

Giving Back

Donate 90% of my money before or at the time of my death
Give a Kiva Loan