“There’s something about the human spirit that when you accept challenge and work on it and have deadlines and capture your potential, it’s astounding what you can do.”
John Goddard

2018 Goals
2019 Goals
2020 Goals

Let me preface this list by stating that for me, progress equals happiness. Therefore, my biggest overarching goal is to live a life that is constantly challenging myself in ways that are in line with my morals and virtues. These goals are simply a compass guiding me in the direction that stretches my limits and makes me grow.

It’s not the most important thing for me to simply check off boxes on a list so if given the opportunity to do something I feel is more interesting or may help me learn more, I’ll chose that option rather than sticking to a specific item on my list.

Some of the goals listed below may change from time to time as I gain more information about them (such as no longer wanting to ride elephants, pet tigers or visit machu picchu). For me, success is to wake up each day feeling as though I’m working on things that matter. There in lies the true ideal for success, for it’s not about the outcome, but to be intentional and open to learn along the journey.

Big 10x Goals

-Have a Significant Impact on Helping Humanity Become an Interplanetary Species – Read why and find inspiration.
-Travel to 100+ Countries (currently at 10 listed here)
-Become a Published Science Fiction Author and Have at least one of my Books Turned into a film.
-Achieve My Fitness Ideal Throughout My Life
-Leave a Legacy – Develop Products and Businesses That Influence the Lives of Millions for the Positive, In Turn Allowing Me to Make and Give Back Over $1 Billion in Income.
-Perform drums with a band in front of 50,000 people
-Live to at Least 200
✓ -Become Financially Free by age 30 (2x basic living expenses with passive income)

“He who has a why to live, can overcome almost any how”
-Friedrich Nietzsche-

Secondary Big Goals

Build a building at least 20 floors high
Create a youtube channel with at least 100,000,000 views.
Create a Company with $10,000,000 / year net profit.
Complete an Ironman Triathalon
Learn to fly a helicopter
Be listed on a patent
Achieve 9% Bodyfat with 190+ bodyweight.
Become fluent Spanish & Mandarin
Hike the Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trails
Build My Own Passive House
Become a paid speaker – Make $50,000 for a speech

Education & Skills

✓ Achieve My Bachelor Degree
✓ Gain my Real Estate Salesperson License
Achieve the CCIM Real Estate Designation
Build at least 12 computer applications with javascript or python
Create 12 works of Photoshop manipulation
Learn to ride a motorcycle (and purchase one)
Learn to Pickpocket
Learn to Snowboard
Learn to Wakeboard
Learn to Tango in Argentina
Learn Muy Thai Fighting in Thailand
Take a cooking class in Thailand to make perfect Yellow Thai Curry
Learn to Drive Stick Shift
Give a Ted Talk
Learn to speed read at a rate of 500 words a minute

Read at least 2,000 books between the age of 30 and 70
Read at least 1,000 books between the age of 30 and 50 – Take and post notes on all.
Read the classics – need to clarify this list
Read the top 10 most widely accepted religious books

Photography / Videography
See a full list of posts about photography and goals on the photography page.
Photograph Lighting Painting
Starry Night w/ Galaxies
Auroa Borealis
Photograph at least 100 shark species
Photograph one person in every country in the world
Create a Video for each year of my life.
Photograph top 10 apex predators in the wild.

Scuba Diving
I write more about scuba diving here.
Cage Dive with Great Whites
Explore Cenotes in Florida
Dive with at least 50 shark types
Dive with Sea Lions in Canada
Complete at least 1,000 logged dives
Achieve Padi Divemaster Certification


✓ Take yoga class – 2017 – Yoga Hut.
Go Ziplining
Sleep in Ice Hotel
✓ Go to an Elephant Reserve / Park (riding not allowed) – 2018 – Addo Elephant Park South Africa.
Catch and release a Musky at least 36 inches long
Go dog sledding
Attend a TED Conference – apply here
Go Skinny Dipping
Drive a Supercar
Watch a SpaceX Rocket Launch
Lay Down in Public – Fear Challenge
Be Part of a Flash Mob
Sing Karaoke
See Salmon Run in Alaska
Follow American Battles from Normandy to Berlin from WWII including stopping at Auschwitz
Go Whitewater Rafting – Colorado River, Glenwood Springs – 2017
Explore my genealogy as far back as I can
✓ Drive on the left hand side of the road – South Africa Road Trip


One Handed Head Stand
Finish an Tough Mudder – Done 9/9/17
Finish a Spartan Race – Sprint Done 6/24/17
Bike Across Iowa in Ragbrai
50 pull ups in a row
10 muscle ups in a row
8% Bodyfat with high muscle – at least 190 lb. bodyweight
Bench 450
Learn to do a standing backflip

Travel Goals

Travels are tracked more on this page.

General Travel Goals

Stand on all 7 continents – Antarctica, South America, Asia, Africa, North America, Australia, Europe
Visit all 50 states
Visit all US National Parks – my checklist here

Road Trips

Route 66
✓ Lake Michigan Circle Tour – Done in 2017
Scotland NC500 – Official Site
Miami to Key West – Overseas Highway
Pacific Coast Highway California
✓ Blue Ridge Parkway – Done Spring 2016 when visiting Great Smoky Mountains
Black River Scenic Byway – Upper Michigan
Great River Road – Minnesota / Wisconsin Border of Mississippi

Meaningful Places

Cradle of Humankind – South Africa
✓ Pearl Harbor – Hawaii

Man Made Wonders

See the Sagrada Familia – Barcelona, Spain
See the Hoover Dam (United States – Nevada/Arizona)
See the Statue of Liberty (United States – New York)
See the Head Statues on Easter Island (Chile – Easter Island)
See Machu Picchu (Peru – Machu Picchu) – or not
✓ See the Sydney Opera House – 2007 (Australia – Sydney)
See the Acropolis (Greece – Athens)
See the Colosseum 2014 (Italy – Rome)
See Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany – Schwangau)
Walk on the Great Wall of China (China)
See the Forbidden City (China – Beijing)
See the Taj Mahal (India – Agra)
See the Pyramids of Giza (Egypt – Cairo)
See Catacombs in Paris underground

Natural Wonders

See the Aurora Borealis (United States – Alaska)
See the Grand Canyon (United States – Arizona)
See the Redwood Forest (United States – California)
See the Niagara Falls (United States – New York)
See the Iguazu Falls (Argentina)
See the Alps (France, Italy, Switzerland or Germany)
See Mount Everest (Nepal)

Financial / Professional

✓ Purchase my first house – 2012 – age 25
✓ Purchase first investment property – 2013 – age 26
✓ Purchase first business – 2013 – age 26
✓ Save one year’s salary for retirement bye age 30
✓ Complete a house flip or fix up and rent
✓ Become financially free (passive income of 2x basic living expenses)
Create a website with over 500,000 pageviews a month
Create a product business with sales over $1 mil a year
Create a business with net profit of over $10,000,000 a year.
Amass a property portfolio worth in excess of $1 billion

Giving Back

-Donate 90% of my money before or at the time of my death
80,000 hours talks about best way to make impact.
5 Best Charities according to Bill and Melinda Gates.
-Give a Kiva Loan – $100
-Purchase 100 acres of preservation land
-Donate 192 Pints of Blood – Current total = 35 Pints