After achieving a lot of my financial freedom goals my life is transitioning to working remotely and focusing on passions that interest me like writing fiction, hitting my fitness standards, scuba diving and beginning to learn programming. I’m very excited for 2018 and will be focusing on a lot of different areas.

2018 Biggest Goals

Javascript, Node.js & Python Proficiency – create useful apps based on ideas. – Post monthly updates of my goals, write at least 100,000 words on the site.
Write a science fiction book – 250 pages – approx 70,000 words.
8-9% Bodyfat – Eat clean, exercise 5 times / week, track weight & photograph progress.
Upload 10 Youtube Drumming Videos
3 Months in Europe – Working remotely from several countries.
Achieve Divemaster Certification in South Africa.


Three months in europe – visit 20 countries.
US Road Trip for one month – Thinking Chicago through Canada to Maine, down east coast, across the gulf to Texas, then back up to Chicago.

Skills / Growth

Photography 365 Project
Read 52 Books – Listed Here
Create 2-5 minute cinematic video to vimeo about South Africa
Get Proficient at Drums, upload 10 covers to youtube.
Learn how to ride a motorcycle
Plant a Backyard garden & Renovate Deck – Started Planning
Donate blood 5 times
Prep house, bug out bag and outback kit.
Do 3 Fear Challenges – Lay on floor 30 seconds in public, sing karaoke
Scuba Dive 12 times in Midwest
Have only 10 alcoholic drinks all year – I don’t drink much currently, but this is some motivation.
Submit to one Kaggle competition


8-9% Bodyfat
Bench 350 lbs
One handed handstand – 14 week plan –
Learn how to do a backflip
Do Spartan Sprint in under 50 minutes. – I did terrible at this in 2016 with 1 hour 15 minute time.
Calasthetics Routine – 10 muscle ups.